My Blog Reflection!!

In total I have spent around 7 weeks on this blog, and for my very first blog I’d say I did the best that I could. Within this blog I have talked about how to comment on HTML to how music can affect the brain.

In the making of this blog I was participating in a challenge, I had a lot of fun in the 7 weeks that this has all been growing. With each week having a different mini challenge. As time progress I’m sure I will soon make many more blogs as I go and I will learn off of this blog.

I have looked over all of the comments that were made in the 6 posts that I have worked hard on. I took all of the helpful and motivating comments to make my next post even better than the last.

The post that I enjoyed making the most would have to be the post where I talked about how music can affect the brain, this is because it forced me to dig even deeper than I ever have before. I learned a lot with all of the other tests that were ran to prove that music really does affect the brain in both good and bad ways.

Finally were at an end, I will for sure keep blogging more than likely on different topics. This blog has improved skills that I didn’t even know that I had. I didn’t get all of this help by myself I had help from my teacher Mrs. Richards, she had guided us to the point we are at right now. Without her help I don’t think this blog would even exist.

Thank you all for the support that you have given me on this blog!

How my commenting experience is going so far!

When the blogging challenge started, I was excited for what I was going to see and learn from others. As the weeks progressed I was learning that more blogs were becoming inactive which is fine. On the other hand some people may have wanted to learn what that inactive blog was going to say, this can be a slight problem for the commenters or other bloggers. When I was wanting to comment on the active blogs I was having some trouble finding them, I managed to find a few blogs and have had a great experience so far. For the bloggers that are still active and posting about the theme of your blog, thank you for keeping your blogs active. I mean no hard feelings.

What is the difference between a Military Baton and a normal Mace?

Some people don’t know what the difference is between the two different maces used in marching bands, and others think that they are the same thing. There are many differences between the two and Im here to tell you what those differences are!

The mace on the left is a military mace or baton which I use in the marching band! The mace is much shorter in height standing at 40″ inches tall. The small Military Baton is much easier to handle and to spin due to its small height and weight.

The normal mace on the right is standing at 58″ inches tall and is normally used by high school Drum Majors. Since the mace is taller is harder to hande for the less experienced users. When the mace is used correctly and the routine is correctly performed, the judges can be very impressed therefore achieving a high score.


How music can affect the brain!

This week, our teacher assigned us to find a scholarly article related to what our blog is about. To complete this task I have found an article the shows how music can affect the brain in school.

The first way that music can positively affect the brain is that when you train yourself musically then that training can help develop language and reasoning skill. Another way that music can positively affect the brain is by improving memorization. An example of this is when you memorize sheet music, your also improving your memorization skills and capability of memorizing every day objects. Music can also be relaxing, with calm and methodical songs the brain is soothed and forced to take a rest reducing stress of anxiety. There are many more ways that music can positively affect the brain, you can find these ways in the link below where I found all of my resources.

Here’s the Link.

How to comment on any post! As well as using HTML when commenting!

If you want to comment on any post then follow some very simple and intuitive steps.
1. When you want to comment on a post or page just simply fine a blog that you want to comment on from the google sheet list of blogs, click the link here. (When clicking one the link if it doesn’t work then copy the link then open a guest browser and paste the link to see the list)
2. Once you’ve found the post or page you want to comment on you should find where the blog lets add a comment, it’s usually at the bottom of the post or page.
3. After locating the comment box, start typing up a draft.
4. Then, revise and edit the comment and read it outloud to yourself multiple times.
5. After revising and editing, double check for spelling and grammar errors, if none then publish.
Finally, there are some important features you might want to know when commenting with HTML, use the keys <i>, once at the end of the word you type </i> to italicize any phrase. Then for bolding words or phrases you would do the same thing just using the letter B instead of the letter I.
Note: When drafting and edit/revising your comment make sure you get to the point and make the comment a good one!

My New Avatar

Today we created our own avatars.

I have created my new avatar using Cartoonify. The features that I have implemented in to my avatar are important to me. The mustache is really important to me and necessary because I like mustaches. The hair is also important because the hair I chose was the hair style that I have been using for quite a long time. That is why the styles I chose are important to me.

This is what my avatar looks like!